nHack's Vintage Cohort. Cohort 001!


nHack's vintage cohort holds some of the leading Nordic startup and expansion stage companies well on their way to Asia:

Blueye Robotics (
Blueye is one of the world’s leading ocean technology companies delivering underwater drones to both consumers and professional markets. Our founder Chris Rynning invested in Blueye through Rynning Invest AS, a Norwegian company related to nHack. (
Moviemask has developed a new lenses technology that allow you to go from looking at a small smartphone screen to a giant movie screen right in front of your eyes in seconds. nHack has aided Moviemask to protect its brand in China, source cheaper and better components, develop new prototypes and new generation products, and open up sales in China. 

Wiralcam (
Wiralcam is a startup company from the NTNU University that has developed a cable camera system allowing you to take «impossible shots». The company is launching its product for pre-sale at Kickstarter in the fall, and is coming to China to firm up its sourcing and manufacturing process. nHack has aided in securing production and reducing the cost of each cablecam set. 


Playpulse is a game platform and game developing company spun out of NTNU University that uniquely combines game technology and hardware with exercise. Playpulse’s first games are both multiplayer and single player, but all aim at getting the player exercising. The gaming experience is uniquely built around short, fun interval training enabling the player to quickly get the necessary minimum daily work out. nHack has aided Playpulse in looking for both commercial partners and game developers in China.  

Breach is Norway’s leading WebVR company, developing web browser interfaces that appear like in full virtual reality today, often without hardware gadgets like VR glasses. Breach is already a developer for Facebook and Google, and aims to become the first truly global developing and WebVR cross platform and cross continental developer. Breach wants to be able to help education companies and entertaining companies to have a one stop shop for global WebVR. 


The Blueye Robotic's Pioneer underwater drone lowered into the ocean.

The Blueye Robotic's Pioneer underwater drone lowered into the ocean.