Cohort 2

Whereas nHack now has a rolling intake, we do classify our portfolio companies by Cohorts. Cohort 2 include companies we took an interest in during 1H 2018. This is our most international and broad Cohort to date, with companies from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Will we have found a unicorn here? Time will tell. 


Soundboks is a Copenhagen based hardware and lifestyle startup developing and selling the world’s loudest battery powered speaker at 122dB.  Founded by three young Danes who shared the same love and passion for music, amazing parties and festivals, Soundboks is today one of Scandinavia's fastest growing hardware scale - up, delivering speakers to customers all over Europe & North America. 

Tutee 2.jpg

Tutee is a Danish education tech company that develops cloud-based learning and education platforms. Tutee is already active in Asia with several clients. nHack and Tutee has entered into a Joint Venture to allow Tutee to expand more rapidly in Asia with initial focus on China. The Tutee and nHack joint venture is an example on how nHack can be your locally preferred partner. 



Lynx is an Oslo based startup founded by 2 brothers wanting to travel the world with only 6 garments in a bag. Lynx aim to simplify the choices for the modern consumer also providing a more sustainable and green approach to consumption and fashion. Lynx Nordic design features focus on utilizing fabrics and functionalities normally reserved for sports and technical garments. 


Eir of Norway

Eir is a sustainable seafood provider that intend to establish a trading corridor of Nordic seafood to the Asian and Chinese markets deploying tracking technologies. Initial focus is on existing export products but a particular competence is developed on sustainable sea cucumbers. Eir is providing unique digital tracking technology that will allow Asian quality focused consumers to track and check origin of the sea food through a mobile application.


Vultus is a Lund University agriculture technology company centered around spectral image analysis sourced from satellites. Vultus’ technology allow quantifying plant health and fertilizer needs providing farmers continuous recommendation on use of nitrogen/fertilizers thereby improving yields and sustaining the local environment. There is a massive need for precision farming in China where one needs to produce more from less available land, without polluting more. 

tracy trackers

Tracy Tracker is the world's first artificial intelligent accessory that lets you know your dogs health. A Stockholm based startup, you could also say that Tracy Tracker has developed a "fitbit" for dogs and the pet market. Originating at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), Tracy Tracker use AI to better measure and understand pets well being and health condition. Tracy has a kick ass go to market strategy, working with Insurance companies, globally. 



Techbuddy is one of Sweden's fastest growing startups providing your personal technician to help you with whatever technical issues you may have. Working both with consumers and professionals, Techbuddy covers a long lacking gap in the IT service market. Techbuddy is now expanding from Sweden and Spain to Norway, Denmark and Finland, and evaluating Asia together with nHack! 


HeatX is a Norwegian company focused on heated clothing with “sewn-in” carbon fiber threads that warms up with energy from an external power supply. Heated clothing has been around for years and is especially popular among motorbike riders and outdoor personnel. HeatX brings fashion together with washable heating tech. Be warm & fashionable at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022!