nHack Portfolio



Soundboks is a Copenhagen based hardware and lifestyle startup developing and selling the world’s loudest battery powered speaker at 122dB.  Founded by three young Danes who shared the same love and passion for music, amazing parties and festivals, Soundboks is today one of Scandinavia's fastest growing hardware scale - up, delivering speakers to customers all over Europe & North America. 


Blueye Robotics

Blueye has its roots in the highly renowned Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS) at NTNU in Norway.

Exceptional user experience and attractiveness have been the overarching design goals since the beginning. Together with world-leading marine engineers and award-winning industrial designers, we have in three years created what we strongly believe is the world’s best underwater drone, the Blueye Pioneer.



Lynx is an Oslo based startup founded by 2 brothers wanting to travel the world with only 6 garments in a bag. Lynx aim to simplify the choices for the modern consumer also providing a more sustainable and green approach to consumption and fashion. Lynx Nordic design features focus on utilizing fabrics and functionalities normally reserved for sports and technical garments. 


Eir of Norway

Eir is a sustainable seafood provider that intend to establish a trading corridor of Nordic seafood to the Asian and Chinese markets deploying tracking technologies. Initial focus is on existing export products but a particular competence is developed on sustainable sea cucumbers. Eir is providing unique digital tracking technology that will allow Asian quality focused consumers to track and check origin of the sea food through a mobile application.

Scout Drone Inspection

Scout Drone Inspection are developing an autonomous drone that will provide a complete visual inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) solution for enclosed and poorly lit environments. By utilizing and combining a range of technologies and AI the solution enables autonomous inspection, high quality data capture and automatic report generation.


Moviemask has developed a new lenses technology that allow you to go from looking at a small smartphone screen to a giant movie screen right in front of your eyes in seconds. nHack has aided Moviemask to protect its brand in China, source cheaper and better components, develop new prototypes and new generation products, and open up sales in China.



Wiral is a company from the NTNU University that has developed a cable camera system allowing you to take «impossible shots».

Wiral’s first product - Wiral LITE, is a versatile cable cam system designed to create unique, dynamic shots. It’s an awesome accessory for film production, sports, lifestyle, coaching and other types of shoots, both indoors and outdoors.

With Wiral LITE, the company opens the door to new possibilities in video creation.


Empirical Spirits

Empirical Spirits is a flavor company founded in 2017 by Restaurant noma alumni Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen.

Focusing on flavor and detail, Empirical Spirits blends low temperature distillation techniques, fermentation, and unique, high-quality ingredients sourced carefully by hand all over the world to create spirits through the eyes of a chef.



Playpulse turns exercise into a video game, making it more accessible and
fun for everyone. Play genuine games while getting in shape without thinking
about it. Playpulse games are fun and provide maximal training output!



Techbuddy is one of Sweden's fastest growing startups providing your personal technician to help you with whatever technical issues you may have. Working both with consumers and professionals, Techbuddy covers a long lacking gap in the IT service market. Techbuddy is now expanding from Sweden and Spain to Norway, Denmark and Finland, and evaluating Asia together with nHack! 



Breach is Norway’s leading WebVR company, developing web browser interfaces that appear like in full virtual reality today, often without hardware gadgets like VR glasses. Breach is already a developer for Facebook and Google, and aims to become the first truly global developing and WebVR cross platform and cross continental developer. Breach wants to be able to help education companies and entertaining companies to have a one stop shop for global WebVR. 



HeatX is a Norwegian company focused on heated clothing with “sewn-in” carbon fiber threads that warms up with energy from an external power supply. Heated clothing has been around for years and is especially popular among motorbike riders and outdoor personnel. HeatX brings fashion together with washable heating tech. Be warm & fashionable at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022!