Cohort 3: Merittian and nHack to cooperate in Asia

nHack is extremely proud to hereby announce an investment in the leading Danish technology and recruitment company Merittian as part of its Cohort 3.

Merittian is a Copenhagen based human resource and recruiting technology start up company disrupting both Universities and traditional recruiting companies. Merittian has developed new technologies and processes that allow companies to find exceptionally skilled individuals that lack old school certifications and diplomas. With founders and management that also dropped out of school, Merittian has unique insights into how the new global “gig economy” is developing and positions itself as the premier recruiter for high school and university drop outs. Merittian places exceptionally “new economy” talented youth with a large variety of companies across all sectors from technology to investment banking and management consulting.

nHack is a venture investor focused on helping Nordic businesses expand in China and Asia, working closely with Danske Bank and WeWork. nHack has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Singapore.

Merittian co-founder Martin Permin said: “Merittian is very excited to join forces with nHack, as this help us open doors for Merittian in Asia and China. As recruitment startup, China and Asia is a key market to enter, and we're happy to bring on nHack to help us secure future growth.''

nHack CEO Jon Eivind Stø said: “Merittian has an exceptional founder team that we like to support. Moreover, China has a lot of tech and management talent that we hope to help Merittian offer its clients in Europe and the US.”

The terms of the investment have not been disclosed.

For more about the companies:

Merittian. Finding exceptional talent.

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