Equinor Technology Ventures enters a LOOP agreement with Scout Drone Inspection AS

nHack porfolio company SCOUT enters into LOOP agreement with one of the world’s leading energy companies, Equinor (previously known as Statoil). The project will mature and develop solutions with the aim of enabling more efficient drone based inspections and NDT in GPS-denied environments.

Scout is developing a highly autonomous Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), or drone, that will provide a complete visual inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) solution for GPS-denied and poorly lit environments, such as inside tanks and other voids or outdoors in proximity to large structures. During the course of the this two year LOOP project, the hardware and software solutions of Scout will be stepwise developed, including a solution for data management. The initial goal is an UAS equipped with assisted-flight functionality and anti-collision functionality that will make manual operations in GPS-denied environments as easy as flying in open spaces under GPS coverage. A cloud solution for data management will be initially implemented and then further matured with increasingly advanced functionalities.

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