nHack interns add summer oil!

At the height of summer, engines go into maintenance mode many places, but at nHack the machine room is at full speed thanks to a new “cohort of interns”. We have always felt a special responsibility to bring Nordic students to China, and Chinese students into our Nordic offices here in China. This summer is no different. In this short piece we profile a few of our summer interns, all of them committed to the Sino European bridge, looking for work and opportunities. We love them all and could not operate as well without them, from research to accounting, from admin to portfolio support!

Mads Moesgaard


University: Aarhus University, MSc, Finance & International Business. I have 50% focus on corporate finance & valuation and 50% focus on how to run a multinational business, including the threats and opportunities that may arise when entering a new country.

Other experiences: I worked 4 years at PwC in Accounting where I also helped start-up companies dealing with their financials, 2 years at Danske Commodities, which today was acquired by Norwegian Equinor, where I worked with portfolio management and trading renewable energy

Interests: Football, CrossFit, hanging out with friends, watching series on HBO

Work field with nHack: Partner support, Richard Robinson and Chris

City: nHack Beijing

Other: I have known for a long time that I wanted to work in advising and investing in other companies. On top of that China is a country that fascinates me a lot. So to get the opportunity to actually work in China at nHack and with firms in their growth phase makes me super excited. Really can't wait to get started and explore the world of Venture Capital.

About Mads: 24 years old, always in a good mood and full of energy, quick learner and a very bad loser.

Fun fact: Back in the days I used to work as a Pirate in Legoland for a couple of summers! Good times. 

Liu Ying

Liu Ying.jpg

University: Master degree at The Education University of Hong Kong, Major in Great China Studies

Other experiences: Social research of Taiwan area 2017

Interests: Volunteer work, social observation, team sport

Work field with nHack: Market Research

City: Shanghai

Other: It's enlightening to work with nHack investment professionals with many years of experience in the industry, that can give you feedback on your own market research.

Levin Weilin Liang

Levin (2).jpg

University: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)/Bachelor Degree of Business (Accountancy)

Other experiences: Several part time jobs like casher, waiter during University time.

Interests: Sports, movies, travel, food and video games

Work field with nHack: nHack Shanghai

Comments: Thank you nHack, people here are so nice and hardworking

Sindre Laksemo

Sindre (2).jpg

University: Currently doing a master's degree in International Business at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Other experiences: Work within retail banking.

Interests: Technology, finance and fishing.

Work field with nHack: Blockchain and cryptocurrency research

City: nHack Shanghai

Other: I like to do cool stuff and feel like I came to the right place.


Emil Maltha Rasmussen


University/Education: Double Master’s degree at Copenhagen Business School and Tsinghua University - MSc in EBA Finance and Investments, CEMS Master’s in International Management

Other experiences: Hosting Quantitative Investment Competition 2017 at CBS Quants.

Interest: Entrepreneurship, investing, unique cultural experiences, exploring nature, meeting people from all walks of life.

Work field with nHack: CFO Assistant, nHack Shanghai

Comments/fun facts, anything you want to say: It has been a great experience to work at nHack in Shanghai. nHack has a fast-paced work environment where you get to meet various entrepreneurs trying to close the next big deal. For me, it’s a fantastic opportunity to see what they are doing right and wrong.


Patrick Mayne

Patrick Mayne Beijing Intern (1).jpg

Background: Argentinian with Danish grandparents and therefore Danish citizenship - lived 5 years in Denmark.

University: Double master's degree in Economics and Business Administration (Innovation Management) between Aalborg University (Denmark) and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

Other experiences:   While doing my Bachelor in Copenhagen Business School, I founded 2 startups and participated in several workshops and conferences around Europe including Web Summit and Singularity University. Currently, I am the director of the first Startup Grind University Chapter in China, organizing and hosting events to connect and inspire students over entrepreneurship.

Interest: application of exponential technologies, politics, macroeconomics and rugby

Work field in nhack:  Supporting research around investing, funding, ideally around JD partnership.  Very interested in best practices in penetrating the Asian market, and overall internationalization process of startups

City: nHack Beijing

Comments: I have had the privilege to work and study across 3 continents, traveled around 24 countries in the last four years including an amazing trip from Copenhagen to Beijing by train!

Chris Rynning