Our Vision

Speed to market is everything.


At nHack we believe that a paying customer beats a business plan 10 out of 10 times. nHack is all about speed to market. We believe that to succeed, Nordic companies must find paying customers fast. You can start with a prototype or adopt an existing product to the Asian market. Then nHack can help you launch this product on Kickstarter or the many Chinese e-commerce or crowd funding platforms. Paying clients are the "moment of truth" for us, where the market decides what can be the most prosperous product or company. 

nHack believe in planning, but not in endless market research. We aim to help you to launch your company in a short time span, not only the product. Our focus is on meeting component suppliers, manufacturers, clients, government stakeholders and investors. Sometimes they are the same, often not. During your stay with us, you should raise capital or get sales, or better both. Finally, you have to be a NORDIC company for us to work with you. Our team is from all over the world, but we specialize in Nordic companies expanding to the world’s biggest and fastest growing continent, Asia. 


Kjetil Lund
Partner, nHack Shanghai

Ocean Technology Center

Together with our partners, nHack has launched an Ocean Technology Center (OCT) in Shanghai. The center is lead by industry veteran Kjetil Lund.

We aim to commercialize Nordic Ocean Tech Research in the Asian and Chinese markets. 

nHack's CEO, Mr. Jon Eivind Stø, keeps a steady ship in China

nHack's CEO, Mr. Jon Eivind Stø, keeps a steady ship in China