Ocean Technology Center.

Our Ocean Technology Center is focused on improving Sino-Nordic cooperation in the Ocean Technology and Maritime sectors. Translated, that means commercializing Nordic ocean and marine technology in China. We also aim to bridge Chinese capital to the Nordic region through our members, investors and ecosystem. 

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 nHack is founder of the Ocean Technology Forum (OTF) now attracting members in both China and the Nordics. 

OTF aim to become one of the most active and innovative global ocean technology clusters bridging Chinese markets and capital with Nordic ocean technology development and design. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established company, we aim to provide access to a large quality network across the Sino Nordic Ocean Tech value chain

We will build an online and offline database of MENTORS from both the Nordics, China and Asia. 
Cooperating with clusters and research communities we will engage

Educational Programs
OTF have several programs to support our members. We focus on IP, Technology, Licensing, Human Resources, Safety and Investments. 

Projects/Round Tables
OTF have several round tables and projects going with its members and partners. 

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commercializing nordic ocean ReSEARCH

Our focus is to commercialize Nordic Ocean Technology research and development, plus inspire industrial cooperation between Nordic research and Asian/Chinese industry. 

Through OTC we aim to push market driven innovation, while making prototypes, source components and get customer verification. 

nHack aim to invest in Nordic research heavy Ocean Research companies that is prime for international scaling. OTF helps to build investment networks and meeting venues. 

We believe the Nordic region is world’s best arena for Ocean Technology innovation. We aim to pollinate the Sino Nordic cross border cooperation by ensuring that our members have the best contacts and relationships of relevant stakeholders in the Asian ocean tech ecosystem.

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We are continiously looking for Nordic ocean and maritime technology companies to bring to Shanghai, both startups and established companies. We may agree to invest into a Nordic startup and aid such a company to China, or we may agree to invest here in China as your local "joint venture" partner. Contact us here to join our program! 

Shanghai is home to one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, and with it banks, advisers and FinTech companies like few other cities. There is a nice ecosystem here for Nordic Finance and FinTech businesses to tap into.