Success Stories

Getting paid. Making prototypes and raising capital.


1. Blueye Robotics, Subsea drones.


When the nHack team got involved in Blueye, we first helped them on the ground looking for components and manufacturing partners. As a result of going to China, Blueye found multiple manufacturing partners and enabled rapid prototyping at minimum cost. 

Furthermore, nHack helped us fundraise in China and finding go to market partnerships. With nHack, Blueye has been able to go to a global consumer electronics market faster, cheaper and with more confidence.  

“the nHack team gave us an instant edge in China.”

— Blueye founder

 Erik Dyrkoren, Blueye CEO and Co-Founder

Erik Dyrkoren, Blueye CEO and Co-Founder


2. Wiral. Cablecam Awesomeness.


Wiral had been prototyping in Norway, and needed to go to China to identify possible component suppliers and manufacturers. From the nHack office in Shanghai, the Wiral team started roaming possible manufacturers in China, bumping into clients, partners and investors along the way! 

Andrea and Øivind spent a substantial time in China, while also launching a global Kickstarter campaign. While launching on Kickstarter, talks with and Alibaba also started off. The rest is history! 

 Andrea Holvik Torson, Co-Founder of Wiral

Andrea Holvik Torson, Co-Founder of Wiral


3. Moviemask. Sales, Sales, Production.


Moviemask is a true nHack company. Rather than market researching and business planning forever, the company launched a product fast, capturing a VR trend with a technology that delivers today. Brilliant! 

— Chris Rynning, nHack

We travelled around with Moviemask in China, sometimes we learned from them, sometimes they learned from us. Together we entered the China B2C e-commerce market. 

— Jon Eivind Stø, nHack Partner

At nHack we had a home in China, although much time was spent on the factory floor for us. However, having someone with a China perspective when your company is in a make or break situation can be incredibly valuable to a founder team.

— Eirik Wahlstrøm, Moviemask, Co-Founder


 Harald Mannheim, Moviemask, Co-Founder

Harald Mannheim, Moviemask, Co-Founder