Why explore China?

China is rapidly stepping up the game to become a leader in innovation within several areas. Particularly FinTech, e-commerce, health tech, (other) AI and blockchain.

LinkedIn recently copied a function from WeChat. Maybe you could too?

Below: From Norwegian business paper (www.DN.no)

Head of Norwegian bank says he thought Silicon Valley was the place to go to see innovation. But then he visited China.

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  • 9 of the 20 biggest unicorns were born in China

  • In 2017 China filed more international patents than Japan, only second to the USA

  • China is the world’s largest mobile financial services market. Alipay and WeChat Pay both have about 600 million active users, with full range of financial services on mobile

  • China is the leader in production of high speed trains, solar panels, wind turbines and electric busses (99% of world’s electric busses are in China)

  • There are 170 million users of mini-apps - a Tencent innovation set to change e-commerce and customer interaction

  • President Xi Jinping opened the AI conference in Shanghai in September 2018. It is an explicit strategy of becoming world leader in AI, and Google and others have set up accordingly

  • Although crypto currencies are banned in China, research and investment in blockchain is growing rapidly

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