Why explore the Nordics?

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The Nordics - an introduction

  • Small countries - total 27 million people

  • The countries have very similar governance, culture and languages - often no need to translate

  • Close integration and cooperation between the countries: Governments, businesses etc.

  • High income and technology use. World’s first cashless country was Denmark (using cards)

  • Low income inequality and high diversity in the workforce

  • Innovative and efficient ways of working. High labour costs has made it profitable to implement technology in production etc.

Four areas where the Nordics are particularly strong, and the country best representing it

  • New global businesses: Sweden has the mot Unicorns per capita in the world. Spotify, Skype, Klarna are examples

  • Design: Denmark is famous for design in clothes, shoes, toys, electronics (Ecco, Lego, Bang & Olufsen

  • Education: Finnish school students rank top globally

  • Environmental focus: Norway is leading in offshore wind projects, and is largest market for Tesla after California

We guarantee access to leading ministers, politicians and key decision makers in the Nordic region through our partners in the Nordic region. We host tours and access, in combination with understanding the local Nordic culture, food and art scene. From summer midnight sun to winter/arctic lights we customize trips from 1 to typically 20 people for Chinese corporations and cities/regions. 

Example of program from November 2018: Winter Playmakers